1. Q. What are the main products?

A. Our main products are Business loans (working capital financing), Consumer loans (School fees, medical, consumption), Asset finance loans (business assets, motor vehicle purchase or Land), Bank guarantees and Car tracking services.

2. Q. What are the requirements for one to qualify for a loan?

A. One must be a Kenyan, ID/Passport, six months’ bank statements, loan securities. The most important consideration is the ability to repay and the character of the borrower (e.g. Having good credit rating).

3. Q. What securities are accepted?

A. The most valuable, priceless security is the character/integrity of the borrower. This is supported by other collaterals like logbooks, title deeds, quoted shares, etc. If one does not own this; one can get a third-party guarantee.

4. Q. Do you have the minimum or the maximum that one can borrow?

A. Kenya Vision 2030 challenges Kenyans to dream biggest dreams, so smallest dream is for sh.100, 000 and there is no maximum-it’s all about the size of your dreams!

5. Q. How long does it take to access the loan after complying with all the requirements?

A. Time is money; funds are released within 2 hours upon full compliance.

6. Q. Can one apply for a loan online and make payments online or Mpesa?

A. Yes, one can fill the application online and only come to the office for the perfection of security. Electronic funds transfer payments are allowed.