What next if one is negatively listed in Credit Reference Bureau (CRB)?

Last month I interacted with John (not his real name) who had lost his business due to lack of proper controls. He had accumulated a lot of loses due to employee theft and had outstanding loans with the banks. Having learnt from his mistakes, he decided to pursue this great project that needed financing. I requested him whether he can consider generating a credit reference report so that we can check the position of his debts. He was very adamant and told me he knows that he is listed and there was no use whatsoever of generating the report. “Everyone is listed’’ I told him “however it depends on what level of listing”. After educating him about the following 3 levels of listing, he agreed to have the CRB report generated.

1. Performing
2. Performing with default history
3. Non-performing

His facilities were actually listed under performing with default history category meaning he was making some effort to pay. At Dream Credit Limited, we were able to help John navigate through the CRB situation and now he is able to borrow and pursue his dreams.

Are you negatively listed and you would like to change the narrative and access loans to fund your dreams? If yes DM.
#Grow your passive income, grow your wealth.
By Lilian Gachoki
Director – Dream Credit Limited

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  1. R.K April 5, 2022 at 2:30 pm - Reply

    Being negatively listed is never a death sentence.

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